Thursday, October 16

Palais Schaumburg

Wikipedia - "Palais Schaumburg was a new wave band from Hamburg, Germany. The style was classified as Neue Deutsche Welle, and strongly characterized by their avant garde music and dadaistic attitude. The band was originally formed in 1980, featuring Timo Blunck, Holger Hiller, Thomas Fehlmann, and percussionist F.M. Einheit. The group's name stands for Das Palais Schaumburg in Bonn, the former residence of German chancellor. ... The group made several singles and albums throughout early 80's, where their avant garde sounds were heavily influenced by funk, especially in albums Lupa and Parlez-Vous Schaumburg."
YouTube: Kinder der Tod, Wir bauen eine neue Stadt, Deutschland kommt gebräunt zurück, Beat of Two 12inch, Easy Go (12 inch extended single version), Ahoi, nicht traurig sein, Telefon, Europa