Friday, October 3

J.B. Lenoir - Natural Man

"This collection of J.B. Lenoir's mid-'50s tenure at the label -- originally issued in the '70s -- duplicates two songs from the Parrot collection (a label which Chess later acquired), but the rest of it is more than worth the effort to seek out. The rocking 'Don't Touch My Head,' the topical 'Eisenhower Blues' and the sexually ambiguous, chaotic and cool title track are but a few of the magical highlights aboard. Either this or the Parrot sides will do in a pinch, but after hearing this, you won't be able to imagine being without either one."
YouTube: Natural Man, Don't Touch My Head, Eisenhower Blues, Man Watch Your Woman, Let Me Die with the One I Love, Talk to Your Daughter, If I Give My Love to You, Five Years, I've Been Down For So Long, Korea Blues, Everybody Wants to Know

2011 May: J.B. Lenoir