Saturday, August 30

This Year's Model - Elvis Costello (1978)

"Where My Aim Is True implied punk rock with its lyrics and stripped-down production, This Year's Model sounds like punk. Not that Elvis Costello's songwriting has changed -- This Year's Model is comprised largely of leftovers from My Aim Is True and songs written on the road. It's the music that changed. ... It's nervous, amphetamine-fueled, nearly paranoid music -- the group sounds like they're spinning out of control as soon as they crash in on the brief opener, 'No Action,' and they never get completely back on track, even on the slower numbers. ..."
W - This Year's Model
Counterbalance No. 79: Elvis Costello's 'This Year’s Model' (Video)
YouTube: No Action, Lipstick Vogue, The Beat, Pump it up - You Belong To Me, (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea, Night Rally, This Year's Girl, Little Triggers, Hand In Hand, Living in Paradise

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