Friday, August 8

Rules of Travel - Rosanne Cash (2003)

"At every level, Rules of Travel distinguishes itself. A latecomer to songwriting, Rosanne Cash delivers plenty of compelling material, fully comparable in quality to the album's two non-original cuts. She comes up with fresh and intriguing chord changes to end verses and choruses on the title track, and images whose rugged eloquence perfectly fits the early-morning mumble of Steve Earle on 'I'll Change for You.' On 'September When It Comes,' she switches to a more homespun, folkloric imagery that suits her father's weathered, timeless rumble. ... Though her voice is hardly the most impressive instrument in country music, Cash knows how to compensate by using an understated approach to more quietly highlight the essence of a song. Given the quality of what she gives herself to work with on Rules of Travel, it's a method that can't miss."
W - Rules of Travel
YouTube: I'll Change For You, Rules Of Travel, September When It Comes, Beautiful pain, Western Wall, Last Stop Before Home

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