Sunday, August 3

Lunch Poems - Frank O'Hara (1964)

Wikipedia - "Lunch Poems is a book of poetry by Frank O'Hara published in 1964 by Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s City Lights, number 19 in their Pocket Poets series. The collection was commissioned by Ferlinghetti as early as 1959, but O'Hara delayed in completing it. Ferlinghetti would badger O'Hara with questions like, 'How about lunch? I'm hungry.' 'Cooking', O'Hara would reply. O'Hara enlisted the help of Donald Allen who had published O'Hara's poems in New American Poetry in 1960.  ... The poems in this collection contain O'Hara's characteristically breezy tone, containing spontaneous reactions to things happening in the moment. Many of them appear to have been written on O'Hara's lunch hour. The poems contain numerous references to pop culture and literary figures, New York locations, and O'Hara's friends."
The Atlantic - Frank O'Hara's Lunch Poems: 21st-Century Poetry Written in 1964
YouTube: 'The Day Lady Died' and 'Song', 'Having a coke with you'

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