Tuesday, August 19

Lou Reed - New York (1989)

"The Lou Reed on 1989's New York is a different animal than the one we'd previously come to know. He's kicked drugs. He's explicitly political. 'The archetypal Lou Reed song makes you feel compassion for somebody you never understood and never expected to feel compassion for,' Voice scribe Tom Carson wrote of the album in his review. But this time around, a curve ball: Reed's trying to make you feel compassion for people, Carson theorizes, he's not even met. It's a beautiful, complex album full of Reed relenting to the power of the riff, trying, perhaps, to be as big as the album's title implies."
The Voice's 1989 Review of Lou Reed's New York
NY Times: Lou Reed’s New York Was Hell or Heaven
Remembering Lou Reed's New York album
W - New York
YouTube: New York (Live) 1:17:07
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