Monday, August 25

Kissin' Time - Marianne Faithfull (2002)

"One of the most endearing things about Marianne Faithfull is how well and often she reinvents herself as an artist, all the while remaining true to her rebellious, defiantly independent nature, enduring whatever changes the industry undergoes with her restless, and often reckless, vision intact. ... It sounds so alien, so gauzy, like a ghost from memory past coming to illustrate why things change. It's positively tender, not ironic. Ultimately, Kissin' Time is another achievement, another raise of the bar, another welcome and necessary addition in the strange and beautiful catalog of Marianne Faithfull."
W - Kissin' Time
Guardian: When charm is just enough
YouTube: Kissing time, Sliding Through Life on Charm, Song for Nico, The Pleasure Song, Like Being Born (live in Paris), I'm on fire, Where ever I go, Love & Money, Nobody's Fault

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