Monday, August 11

Ice Cream

"Conehead - Over the past few years, ice cream—that wonderful, bliss-inducing treat of our boyhoods—has been reinvigorated by the food world's small-batch, artisanal tinkerers. (Have you tried bourbon-infused ice cream?) The result has been a wonderful (but sometimes dizzying) reinvention of a classic. Thankfully, Alan Richman, a lifelong lover of the Cold Arts, is here to share the 31 things he knows to be true about getting the most out of this perfect food. ... 3. Steve Herrell is the godfather of American ice cream. He opened Steve's, outside the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1973 and produced the first ultrapremium scoop-shop ice cream by slowing down an old White Mountain ice cream freezer operating in the front of his shop. Herrell is to ice cream what Julia Child was to French cooking and what Alice Waters is to farm-to-table."
"I Scream" - Anne Fadiman (The Paris Review)
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