Wednesday, August 2

Four Seasons in Havana

"... The detective hero of this noir thriller is a guy named Mario Conde. His boss laments 'I don’t want an officer with an existential problem who would rather write books.' But when Conde leaves, his boss smiles fondly. The man is the sort depicted by Richard Burton, Robert Mitchum, and Branagh as Wallander. He’s a walking wreck, but his intelligence makes us love him. Jorge Perugorria, the actor, is unknown to us; we don’t know what he will do and neither does the character. The real protagonist of this series is Havana itself, which also has an existential problem but almost constitutes a bedrock novel by its very nature. One could happily watch this show with the sound off, to better appreciate the fabulous views, the top down overhead shots of the buildings that reveal courtyards, atria, and even rooftop swimming pools. Buildings range from Soviet brutalist insectoid concrete housing to disintegrating Baroque splendour festooned with parasitic tropical vegetation. All is pale except for rectangles of sienna and turquoise. ..."
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Havana go at colourful noir
Netflix: Four Seasons in Havana (Video)