Sunday, February 19

Other Places (Chicago, Michigan, Ohio, Rhode Island, Iowa, and Beyond)

The Actualist Anthology, edited by Morty Sklar and Darrell Gray, 1977
"The literary climate in the Midwest began to heat up in 1958 when The Chicago Review, as its Spring number, presented an issue devoted to the San Francisco Renaissance. This included a chapter from the then-unpublished Naked Lunch by the notorious William S. Burroughs, as well as work by Duncan, Ginsberg, Ferlinghetti, McClure, and others. Editors Irving Rosenthal and Paul Carroll gathered and published more such 'Beat' material in the Autumn 1958 issue. As they prepared the Winter issue, the Chicago Daily News published an article entitled 'Filthy Writing on the Midway'; as a consequence, that issue was suppressed by a cowardly administration, galvanizing and energizing the literary underground. ..."
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