Friday, February 10

Meredith Monk - Book of Days (1988)

"Book of Days opens, in color, with 20th-century workmen blasting a brick wall, leaving a hole that opens into a black-and-white small town in the Middle Ages. Men, women and children glide about their daily tasks, stopping to answer sometimes tellingly anachronistic questions from 20th-century interviewers... The medieval Christians are dressed in white; the Jews are in black robes, each marked with a yellow circle. Both are stricken by the plague, for which the Jews are blamed. ... Book of Days is a very beautiful visual play of surfaces and textures, from brick to rough-plastered wall and from the luminous innocence that lights the girl's face to the canny innocence illuminating the face of the crone, played by Ms. Monk, who teaches her to embrace her visions. ..."
Meredith Monk
NY Times: Meredith Monk's Blend Of Medieval and Modern Life (1990)
W - Book of Days
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YouTube: Book of Days (extract) 2:40
YouTube: Book of Days 1:14:30

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