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Francofonia - Alexander Sokurov (2015), The Rape of Europa Collector's Edition (2009)

"Fourteen years after Russian Ark, that renowned single-take movie journey through the Hermitage museum in St Petersburg, Alexander Sokurov has created another absorbing meditation on art, history and humanity’s idea of itself – this time centred on the Louvre in Paris. It is a sophisticated, complex film: a cine-prose poem or installation tableau, weaving newsreel footage with eerie floating images above Paris and dramatised fantasy scenes. It has all sorts of wayward digressions and perambulations around the idea of French and European culture, and the role of the museum in conserving art and promoting the idea of what it means to be human. ..."
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"World War II was not just the most destructive conflict in humanity—it was also the greatest theft in history: lives, families, communities, property, culture and heritage were all stolen. The Rape of Europa Collector's Edition includes the award-winning documentary film, The Rape of Europa, based on the book by scholar Lynn Nicholas, and narrated by Academy Award-nominated actress Joan Allen. It also features interviews with key figures including the Monuments Men and other war heroes, victims of the Nazis' thefts, and prominent cultural figures including Major Corine Wegener (retired), a modern day 'Monuments woman' who served in Iraq. The Rape of Europa Collector's Edition addresses the questions of our time about the role of art in defining culture, and our shared responsibility to protect it. ..."
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