Wednesday, December 21

Dancing Barefoot - Patti Smith (1979)

"... Like the poet she is, Smith's lyrics infer more than they outwardly say, but in her own mysterious way, 'Here I go and I don't know why/I spin so ceaselessly/Till I lose my sense of gravity' says as much about the overpowering feeling of being caught up in the undertow of desire as anyone ever has in pop music, and Ivan Kral wrapped up Smith's remarkable lyric in a simple but utterly unforgettable melody that made the words all the more powerful. ..."
W - "Dancing Barefoot"
Genius (Video)
YouTube: Dancing Barefoot - 1979- CBGB's (Live), 5-4-3-2-1 - 5/11/1979 - Capitol Theatre
YouTube: Dancing Barefoot