Tuesday, July 26

The Circuit Board Record Album

"Tristan Perich’s Noise Patterns comes in a clear jewel case, but it isn’t a CD. It’s a small, matte-black circuit board. Powered by a watch battery, it produces a series of musical compositions built from the on/off operations on the minuscule chip at the center of the device, the same sort of chip you might find in a microwave oven. What follows is a lengthy, detailed interview in which Perich talks about the development of Noise Patterns, and various other aspects of his artistic efforts, which range from full-scale museum installations of drawing machines and 'microtonal walls,' to live performances in which he builds circuits in front of the audience. ..."
disquiet (Video)
Tristan Perich - Noise Patterns
Bleep (Video)
Tristan Perich - 1-Bit Symphony (Video)
YouTube: Tristan Perich: Surface Image (with Vicky Chow), [LIVE] Vicky Chow performs Tristan Perich: Surface Image 1:03:26