Saturday, July 2

King New Breed Rhythm & Blues (2002)

"The second of our New Breed R&B series comes exclusively from King Records. We tested the water with the first Kent / Modern sourced CD and found it inviting - so here we are again, spinning those Rhythm and Soul records aimed at the recently converted, but bearing the long term enthusiast in mind. ... Out and out fans of the record will be pleased to hear it sounding so fresh on CD and will jerk away merrily to it in the confines of their own bedrooms. That record had the influence of producer / writer Sonny Thompson stamped all over it and his pop sensibility permeated the company in the late 50s / early 60s period when he was head of A&R. ..."
Ace Records (Video)
YouTube: King New Breed Rhythm 'n' Blues 1:03:00