Friday, July 8

Elodie Lauten - Orchestre Modern (EP - 1981)

"Elodie Lauten was born in 1950 in Paris, France, the daughter of jazz musician Errol Parker. In her early twenties, she moved to New York City and soon befriended Allan Ginsberg. She later composed a setting of his poems entitled Walking in New York. Through Ginsberg, Lauten also became close friends with Arthur Russell. They played on each others records and sometimes performed together as The Singing Tractors. Check out the song In the Light of the Miracle for amazing record of their collaboration. A couple of her early piano-based records from the 1980’s have been recently reissued, but Orchestre Modern is from 1981, right before she shifted her focus from songwriting to composition. Co-produced by Alan Vega, this self-released EP finds Lauten in experimental rock band mode on side 1, ending with my favorite track, a french/english hybrid mystery titled Chase/Détective Privé. The disc concludes on side two with an extended reggae jam called Mister Pip, which is mindblowingly great."
YouTube: Jesus, Puerto-Rican Boxing Champion, Chase/Détective Privé, Mister Pip

2010 July: Elodie Lauten, 2013 February: Piano Works Revisited