Friday, July 1

Die Nacht Der Seele - Tantric Songs / Popol Vuh (1979)

"... Die Nacht Der Seele - Tantric Songs ('the night of the soul - tantric songs') contains Fricke, Fichelscher, Gromer on sitar, Susan Goetting on oboe and the return of both Djong Yun and Renate Knaup as vocalists. Fricke also returns as a vocalist, adding some very nice touches in the appropriate places. Renate Knaup would become a new core member of Popol Vuh. She met Florian Fricke through Daniel Fichelscher, both of them being former members of Amon Düül II. ... ..."
W - Die Nacht Der Seele
YouTube: Wo bist du, der du uberwunden, Im Reich der Schatten, Mantram der Herzberührung II, Auf dem Weg

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