Monday, January 25

Outsider Art Fair: The director’s cut

James Edward Deeds Jr., Home Sweet Home / Anchor [261/262], 1908-1987.
"‘This year’s Outsider Art Fair will feature 64 exhibitors, the greatest number in our 24-year history,’ says the fair’s director, Rebecca Hoffman. Twenty-four first-time exhibitors will be showing at the fair’s new venue, the Metropolitan Pavilion, in 2016, and here, Hoffman identifies the artists she’s particularly excited to present. ... At Hirschl & Adler, James Edward Deeds Jr.’s Home Sweet Home displays the innocence that became typical of his works: delicately executed crayon and pencil drawings that return to motifs including vehicles, animals, people, buildings and formal gardens. The State Hospital paper on which he worked is the only indication of a less than tranquil life. ..."
Outsider Art Fair 2016
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