Sunday, January 31

Breaking the Chain Letter: An Essay on Downtown Music - Kyle Gann

"1. What Is 'Downtown' Music? I have been much identified with what is called 'Downtown' music. In fact, I have been accused of unnecessarily exacerbating tensions between 'Uptown' and 'Downtown' composers. I have been accused of drawing a dichotomy between them that doesn't really exist; or else used to, but does no longer. In this article I would like to define what I consider Downtown music, and defend my allegation that deep and pervasive differences between Uptown and Downtown music still exist. In fact, I perceive a deep bias against Downtown music on the part of the Uptown classical/academic establishment, one which I will document below. I will argue, further, that Downtown composers are victims of widespread discrimination. ..."
Kyle Gann

2009 November: Kyle Gann, 2011 July: Music Downtown