Wednesday, September 16

Suckin’ and Blowin’ – Harmonica Blues (1952-1960)

"If you dug the recent Little Walter post then you’re sure to love this collection of stompers and wailers by a selection of both well known and obscure blues harp men. This Dutch LP is probably a bootleg, date unknown. I bought it in 'Southside Records' a shop about which I blogged a couple of years back. Sadly the shop is no more, having closed down last winter. There are good sleeve notes on the back cover and I have added more notes at the end of this post. Download, wail and stomp, blues lovers. And if anyone has the lowdown on the identity of 'Ole Sonny Boy' please share this valuable knowledge with the rest of us!"
Be Bop Wino
YouTube: Suckin’ and Blowin’ – Harmonica Blues (1952-1960)