Sunday, September 13

Michael Nyman - An Eye for Optical Theory (Live at Studio Halle, 2010)

"... These testimonials—set to 'An Eye for Optical Theory', a mainstay of the band’s set that baritone saxophonist Andy Findon says is difficult to even imagine playing live—could make Nyman seem like a joyless taskmaster. Though he does appear to want maximum control over performances of his compositions, he is good natured and complimentary of the band and their skills. His music also provides them with the unique opportunity to really 'play out'. Barr comments that the Michael Nyman Band is the only place a brass player can play so loud and not be told to quiet down. The picture of Nyman that emerges in these interviews is that of a man who has figured out the precise sound he wants to hear and assembled the right people for the job. On his own, however, he’s more adventurous. ... -Thomas Britt, PopMatters, December 2010"
YouTube: An Eye for Optical Theory (Live at Studio Halle, 2010)

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