Wednesday, September 2

Cast of 'The Warriors' to Reunite in Coney Island One Last Time

"In 1979, The Warriors chronicled the pilgrimage of a gang of leather-clad street kids as they fought their way through the Wild West of the Bronx back to their home turf out on Coney Island. At the time, the film was slammed as 'stiff' and 'sterile' by Roger Ebert, but has over the years become the quintessential cult classic — a campy take on what was already one of the city’s most violent, gang-infested eras. Now, more than three decades after the film’s theatrical release, the Warriors are once again making their way back to Brooklyn. On September 13, for one day only, members of the original cast will reunite at the Surf Pavilion on Coney Island — perhaps, they say, for the last time ever. ..."
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