Thursday, July 16

Unfinished Stories: Snapshots from the Peter J. Cohen Collection

"Spanning the 20th century, the almost 300 found photographs in 'Unfinished Stories' depict a century of image-making by private photographers. 'A quick shot fired by a hunter without deliberate aim,' reads the original definition of a snapshot from the early 19th century. The term 'snapshot,' popularized shortly after the invention of Kodak’s box camera in the 1880s, came to describe photographs of everyday life using a handheld camera. Speedy new technology boosted the ability to create a visual diary, commemorating events and personal moments, road trips and holidays. Now, more than a century later, these once ubiquitous and now historic, silver gelatin photographs are rapidly being replaced by Instagram and other digital forms of photography, hence a new appreciation for such photographs. ..."