Sunday, July 26

Time flies by when you're the driver of a train

Switzerland: Zermatt to Gornergrat in Summer (50m)
"You may remember the 7.5 hour documentary released in 2009 which allowed you to travel the journey between Bergen to Oslo from the comfort of your home. If your wanderlust was fired up watching that video, then you may enjoy some of the other trips you can take. Switzerland: Zermatt to Gornergrat in Summer (50m), Zermatt to Gornergrat in Winter Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (30m), Le Train de Vignes (11m). France: Brussels to Paris (1h24m), Villefranche - Latour-de-Carol (narrow gauge) (2h20m). UK: Glasgow - Fort William (4h30m), King's Cross to Royston (39m). Italy: San Remo - Genoa (2h8m), San Remo - Cuneo (2h). Austria: Salzburg - Villach (2h6m). ..."
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