Sunday, July 5

Clifford Gibson

"While the music of artists such as Robert Johnson, Charlie Patton and Son House, to name the most obvious, have been endlessly dissected, analyzed and debated there are many artists of comparable talent who have been left in the dust. Clifford Gibson's name doesn't have the romantic glow of the above artists; he wasn't from Mississippi, didn't die young or lead a life filled with mystery, yet he left behind a small batch of superb, highly creative recordings that deserve wider attention. Clifford Gibson cut ten sides (four have either never been found or were never issued) in June 1929, four sides in November 1929, eight sides in December 1929 and two sides in 1931. In addition he did some session work and lasted long enough to wax a few scattered post-war sides in the 1950's and 60's.  ..."
Sunday Blues
Clifford Gibson discography
YouTube: Don't Put That Thing On Me, Old Time Rider, Tired of Being Mistreated, Blues Without A Dime (1929), Ice And Snow Blues, Sneaky Groundhog (1951), KEEP YOUR WINDOWS PINNED (1929), Drayman Blues, Bad Luck Dice (1929), Jimmie Rodgers with Clifford Gibson - Let Me Be Your Side Track (Take 2), It's Best To Know Who You're Talking To, No Success Blues, I Don't Want No Woman, The Monkey Likes To Boogie, Let Me Be Your Handy Man, Jive Me Blues, Society Blues