Friday, March 6

Jonathas de Andrade - 40 Nego Bom é um real

"In the work 40 Nego Bom é um real, the young Brazilian artist Jonathas de Andrade tells the story of a sweet. Based on the production process of this nego bom (the name literally means 'good black' and has racial connotations), he shows how in the social, political and ideological reality of Brazilian society, difficult issues are preferably 'forgotten'. His work is based on a variety of historical documentary material. The installation is inspired by a street vendor promoting his banana sweets at the top of his voice. Like an anthropologist, the artist sketches a fictive sweet factory with forty workers. The work is divided into two parts. Colourful silk prints and paintings on board show people working in apparent harmony on the production of the sweet. The second part consists of pictures of individual workers. The accompanying texts show a less good-humoured picture and expose the false working relationships. Andrade subtly reveals a racism that is deeply rooted in Brazilian culture."
Jonathas de Andrade - 40 Nego Bom é um real
Jonathas de Andrade
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