Friday, March 6

In Reverse - Ron Arad

Pressed Flower Navy Blue, 2013
"... Each catalogue contains its own trio of real pressed flowers hidden within its pages, making each one a unique specimen in its own right. The flowers in the catalogue poetically replicate in miniature the large pressed-flower fiat Cinquecentos on the walls of the In Reverse Exhibition. With a typeface derived from those of licence plates, and the usual layout of a catalogue being reversed with the headline at the bottom of pages, and the bottom at the top, the themes of reversal and cars run through from the front page to the back. The cover is an image of the Roddy Giacosa, a metal tube piece in the show, and is embossed so that the texture and feel of the image recall that of the sculpture itself."
Ron Arad
WSJ: Crushed Cars
Paul Kasmin Gallery
Design Museum Holon