Monday, March 23

Charles Olson - "In Cold Hell, in Thicket" (1950)

Charles Olson, In Cold Hell, In Thicket. Divers Press / Origin, Palma de Mallorca, 1953.
"Charles Olson reading 'In Cold Hell, in Thicket' (1950) sometime in the mid-60s in Gloucester, MA—late night, recorded for Robert Creeley. Audio courtesy Ron Silliman and PennSound audio archive. Image: Ivan Besse—Britton, SD 1938-39 courtesy Rick Prelinger and Text transcribed from The Collected Poems of Charles Olson: Excluding the Maximus Poems edited by George Butterick. Premiered at the Charles Olson Centenary Conference Worcester, MA on 27 March 2010—Fuller Theater."
YouTube: "In Cold Hell, in Thicket"
Charles Olson - In Cold Hell, In Thicket

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