Friday, March 13

Bill Watterson talks: This is why you must read the new ‘Exploring Calvin and Hobbes’ book

"The wait was worth it. Bill Watterson, that master of timing, waited decades to give a truly in-depth interview. As he did with his beloved strip, the 'Calvin and Hobbes' creator knows when and how to aim for, and deliver, the exceptional. ... For years, the cartoonist didn’t make public comments. Now, in a single wide-ranging and revealing and illuminating and engrossing and self-deprecating and poignant and, of course, deeply funny interview, Watterson has proved more generous than we perhaps could have ever hoped for. Bill Watterson has delivered a gift, a trip down memory lane that is populated densely on each side with personal and professional insights — some grippingly specific, some that ring universal, many that resonate as both. ..."
Washington Post
Washington Post - Read: Here’s an excerpt from Bill Watterson’s rare new ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ interview

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