Friday, February 13

A Nightclub Map of Harlem

"Numbers gambling formed part of the rhythm of Harlem’s street life. A map of arrests for playing the numbers in 1925 features almost every corner on Fifth, Lenox, Seventh and Eighth Avenues. Those arrests generally took place in the morning, when players seeking to place bets on their way to work and before before the publication of the daily number at 10 a.m. created a flurry of activity.  By all accounts, making such arrests would not have been difficult: the New York Age reported that runners and collectors followed 'a regular schedule each morning, picking up their collections and there is nothing clandestine or hidden in their movements,' as they walked 'boldly and openly along, picking up the slips with the money from the players on the streets.'”
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A 1932 Illustrated Map of Harlem’s Night Clubs: From the Cotton Club to the Savoy Ballroom
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