Sunday, November 30

Rock Critic Greil Marcus Picks 10 Unexpected Songs That Tell the Story of Rock ‘n’ Roll

"Rock critic and scholar Greil Marcus has just released a book with Yale Press called The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Ten Songs, and it appears to be an unusual take on a very hackneyed subject, as Marcus admits in the video trailer above: 'Everybody knows the history of rock ‘n’ roll,' he says, 'What if it was just about a few songs?' 'Unlike all previous versions of rock ‘n’ roll,' writes Yale, 'this book omits almost every iconic performer and ignores the storied events and turning points that everyone knows.' This is not entirely true—you’ve got your Beatles, you’ve got your Buddy Holly, but you’ve also got… Joy Division. And a number of other surprising, offbeat choices that don’t necessarily sound like rock ‘n’ roll history, but certainly tell it their various ways."
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