Friday, November 7

Paris 1900, The City of Entertainment

Henri Gervex, Une soirée au Pré-Catelan, 1909
"The exhibition ‘Paris 1900, The City of Entertainment’ is an invitation to the public to relive the splendour of the French capital at the time when the Paris Exposition Universelle was heralding the arrival of the 20th century. More than ever before, Paris was seen throughout the world as a sparkling city of luxury with a sophisticated way of life. Over 600 works will plunge visitors to the Petit Palais into the atmosphere of Belle Époque Paris. There will be paintings, objets d’art, costumes, posters, photographs, films, furniture, jewellery and sculptures. The technical inventions, the cultural effervescence, and the sheer elegance of Parisian women will be staged and displayed as representative legends of that Paris whose image has been promoted in literature and the cinema throughout the world."
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