Tuesday, November 11

Nuclear War - Sun Ra (1982)

"Along with Lanquidity, Nuclear War is one of the rarest discs in Sun Ra's enormous catalog. Recorded in 1982, Nuclear War disappeared until 2001 when the Chicago-based Atavistic label made it part of their exceptional 'Unheard Music Series.' Originally Ra was so sure the funky dance track was a hit, he immediately took it to Columbia Records, where they immediately rejected it. Why he thought a song with the repeating chant 'Nuclear War, they're talking about Nuclear War/It's a motherf***er, don't you know/if they push that button, your ass gotta go/and whatcha gonna do without your ass' would be a hit is another puzzle in the Sun Ra myth."
All About Jazz
YouTube: Nuclear War, Smile, Sometimes I'm Happy, Celestial Love, Blue Intensity, Drop me off in Harlem, Nameless One Nr. 2