Tuesday, November 18


Goddess Because Is Is Falling Asleep, 1954
"From the outside it appears to be a typical early 20th century Berkeley brown shingle house. Inside, however, the former home of cineaste Pauline Kael is a trove of mid-century murals by the legendary artist Jess. And the house will soon be for sale. Kael, who wrote film criticism and helped run Berkeley’s famed Cinema-Guild Theater, a repertory house on Telegraph Avenue, in the 1950s, turned her nearby house at 2419 Oregon Street into a Bohemian hangout, attracting writers, artists, Marxists, a pretender to the throne of Russia, the filmmaker Jean Renoir, poet Robert Duncan, and Duncan’s partner Jess."
Miraculous Murals Hide Within a Berkeley Brown Shingle
[PDF] Dream House
Tibor de Nagy

2013 May: An Opening of the Field: Jess, Robert Duncan, and Their Circle