Sunday, January 5

The Louvre invites Robert Wilson - Living Rooms

"Some forty years after he first created a sensation on the French theater scene with Deafman Glance, Robert Wilson is the Louvre’s latest guest curator. No mere retrospective or remembrance, this event marks an unprecedented collaboration between the world’s quintessential museum and the artist who, in the words of Louis Aragon, is 'what we, from whom Surrealism was born, dreamed would come after and go beyond us.' The theme of Wilson’s residency at the Louvre, 'Living Rooms,' reflects his wish to infuse the museum with the spirit of the Watermill Center on Long Island, the artists’ community where he lives, works, shares his personal collection of art and artifacts with the public, and nurtures the creativity of young and emerging artists."
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Robert Wilson, Living Rooms
Robert Wilson au Louvre, Living Rooms
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[PDF] Living Rooms
VIDEOS: Robert Wilson on His Career in Theater, Watermill Center

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