Friday, May 10

A Century of Proust

"May 2 - Reading Proust: An Introduction. ... One hundred years after its publication, 'Swann’s Way,' the first volume in Marcel Proust’s cycle 'À la Recherche du Temps Perdu' — 'In Search of Lost Time,' better known to many Anglophone readers as 'Remembrance of Things Past,' the Shakespearian title used by Proust’s first English translator — doubles as thematic 'overture' and Michelin guide to the most captivating, ambitious and elusive of modern novels. The glittering surface of 'Swann's Way' presents a Manet-like canvas of belle époque France, a sumptuous world of fashionable salons and tranquil summer homes populated by characters — old and young, rich and poor, artists and aristocrats, footmen and physicians — who spring at us with comic ferocity: their sufferings and delusions, their petty cruelties, their self-destructive obsessions and corrosive vanities. By the end of the giant cycle (some 4,000 pages) these fictitious beings will seem realer than the members of one’s own family."
NY Times
Paris Review – Proust, Lost in Translation
Slate: In Pursuit of Proust

2008 June: Marcel Proust, 2011 October: How Proust Can Change Your Life, 2012 April: Marcel Proust - À la recherche du temps perdu, 2013 February: Marcel Proust and Swann's Way: 100th Anniversary.