Sunday, October 28

Tommy Johnson

Wikipedia - "Tommy Johnson (1896 – November 1, 1956) was an influential American delta blues musician, who recorded in the late 1920s, and was known for his eerie falsetto voice and intricate guitar playing. ... By 1920 he had become an alcoholic and itinerant musician, based in Crystal Springs but traveling widely around the South, sometimes accompanied by Papa Charlie McCoy. In 1928 he made his first recordings with McCoy for Victor Records. The recordings included 'Canned Heat Blues', in which he sang of drinking methanol from the cooking fuel Sterno. The song features the refrain 'canned heat, mama, sure, Lord, killing me'."
Tommy Johnson
Tommy Johnson - Delta School (Video)
amazon: 1928-1929 Complete Recorded Works
YouTube: Canned Heat Blues, Cool Drink of Water Blues, Big Road Blues, Big fat mama blues, Maggie Campbell Blues, Alcohol And Jake Blues,

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