Saturday, September 14

Wire - Chairs Missing (1978)

"Chairs Missing marks a partial retreat from Pink Flag's austere, bare-bones minimalism, although it still takes concentrated listening to dig out some of the melodies. Producer Mike Thorne's synth adds a Brian Eno-esque layer of atmospherics, and Wire itself seems more concerned with the sonic textures it can coax from its instruments; the tempos are slower, the arrangements employ more detail and sound effects, and the band allows itself to stretch out on a few songs. ..."
New York Night Train
YouTube: [Part 1] 01) Practice Makes Perfect 02) French Film Blurred, [Part 2] 03) Another the Letter 04) Men 2nd 05) Marooned 06) Sand in My Joints, [Part 3] 07) Being Sucked In Again 08) Heartbeat, [Part 4] 09) Mercy 10) Outdoor Miner, [Part 5] 11) I Am the Fly 12) I Feel Mysterious Today 13) From the Nursery, [Part 6] 14) Used To 15) Too Late

2009 January: Wire, 2012 January: On the Box 1979.

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