Friday, September 20

Robert Wyatt - Solar Flares Burn for You (2003)

"Coinciding almost concurrently with the issue of Cuckooland, an entirely new studio recording by composer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist Robert Wyatt on Hannibal, Solar Flares Burn For You is a welcome 'other-dimension.' This is not a repackaging of material that has been released countless times before. While certain tracks, such as the title and 'I'm A Believer' have been released elsewhere, these versions have not; they come from projects where their inclusion here is not only warranted but necessary. What is included here are both of Wyatt's BBC Top Gear Shows, one from 1972 with Francis Monkman, and another from 1974 on solo piano, the original soundtrack version of the title cut, and the film it was composed for, two new tracks with Hugh Hopper, and a brand new demo."
Dusted Magazine
YouTube: 'twas brillig, blimey o'riley, God Song, Alifib, Little Child, The Verb, Solarflares Burn For You (1973), Sea song (Peel Session) 1974

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