Monday, September 30

Cinévardaphoto - Agnès Varda (2004)

"... In Cinévardaphoto, a collection of three cinematic essays, Varda includes two shorts, Ulysses, made in 1982, and Salut Les Cubains (1963), with a new short, Ydessa, The Bears and etc., about an exhibit of teddy-bear photos by a Canadian collector. The only obvious link among the three films is that photos provided the inspiration. ... Salut les Cubains is a curiosity, but a delightful one. On a trip to Cuba a few years after the revolution, Varda shot thousands of black-and-white photos which in the short become a celebration of socialism and of the Cuban love of dance and music."
Film Journal International
Cinema Guild Home Entertainment
NYT: The Innocence Is Deceptive in This Teddy Bear World
NYT: Cinevardaphoto (Video)

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