Tuesday, February 22

Slinger - Edward Dorn

"Dorn's high-spirited, crazy-quilt, complex anti-epic is a masterful critique of late twentieth-century capitalism and is one of the great comic poems of American literature. Dorn is one of the few political poets in America; this fantasy about a demigod cowboy, a saloon madam, and a talking horse named Claude Levi-Strauss, who travel the Southwest in search of Howard Hughes, as become a minor classic."
amazon, Jacket 23# - Edward Dorn: A World of Difference, by Tom Clark, Google - "Art Rising to Clarity: Edward Dorn's Compleat Slinger" by William J. Lockwood, Edward Dorn: Gunslinger Book 1......Podcast of opening lines read by Ed Dorn at bottom of blog, Chicago Poetry - "INTERVIEW WITH ED DORN" by Effie Mihopoulos, gary brower gunslinger in new mexico: for ed dorn (1929-1999)

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