Sunday, March 24

The Hum of the City: La Monte Young and the Birth of NYC Drone

"For the last 20 years, passersby on Church Street, just south of the triangle now occupied by the Tribeca Grand Hotel, may have noticed a magenta glow coming from a third-floor loft window. Ring the buzzer, ascend the stairs, and you will find yourself at The Dream House, an electronic sound and light installation. Maintained by composer La Monte Young and artist Marian Zazeela, it realizes an idea Young conceived 50 years ago of a building in which single tones would be sustained around the clock. Young – a teenage jazz saxophone prodigy who turned to the avant-garde and became virtually synonymous with drone music – is elusive; he hardly ever gives concerts and his music is rarely performed by anyone other than himself or ensembles of his own making. He has only a handful of officially released recordings to his name, all of which are out of print and command large sums on the collectors’ market (and his own website). ..."
Red Bull Music Academy Daily (Video)
I went to see La Monte Young playing in his New York loft, and you should do the same
[PDF] La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela at the Dream House

Just about the only picture you can legitimately take of the Dream House.

2009 May: La Monte Young, 2010 January: Just intonation, 2014 August: The Well-Tuned Piano - La Monte Young (1987)

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