Sunday, March 31

Jonny Go Figure

As a reggae guy it’s very important to have 7s because, especially when you play big tunes at a reggae dance, 9 out of 10 times someone is going to ask you to play it back, to pull it up.
"'I’m sorry I didn’t pretty this up for you guys,' Jonny Go Figure says, walking into the center of his Flatbush, Brooklyn living room which is littered with records. 'I know it looks like a clusterfuck in here, but this is just how it is. And I know where everything is.' Jonny closes his eyes and thinks of a record he hasn’t played in a while before digging into a stack and pulling out reggae breakbeat LP by Paul Nice and DJ Wisdom called Beef Patty Breaks. He explains the history of the album cover, which features an iconic image of model Sintra Arunte-Bronte in a wet, red Jamaica t-shirt. Jonny can pick random hidden records from his collection and throw facts at you all day, but never in a condescending way. He began DJing at age 4 after his father, who was also a DJ, gave him vinyl to play with. He easily rattles off history, producers and connections behind the music in the same way others might talk about their favorite sci-fi worlds. Now in his 30s, Jonny Go Figure’s deep appreciation for the underground, producers, one hit wonders, underdogs and canonical knowledge of reggae has put him in deep with New York’s varied reggae community. ..."

The Mighty Diamonds – Africa. I got to DJ for The Mighty Diamonds a few weeks back, which was cool because they’re one of my favorite groups. Harmonies, harmonies, harmonies.

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