Tuesday, August 28

The Vanishing Idealism of Burning Man

"The Tangled Bank" (2009), by Rod Garrett and Larry Harvey.
"Last summer, 69,493 people went out into the desert to build a city. They brought with them supplies not only for erecting a temporary infrastructure (tents and RVs, roads, signage, bathrooms), but also for printing newspapers, issuing vehicle licenses, making art, throwing parties, burning a giant sculpture of a man, and eating and staying hydrated for nine days in a place where coffee and ice are two of the only items for sale, and the nearest convenience store is about 22 miles away, in a depopulated former mining town. Between August 27 and September 4, those tens of thousands of people took part in the annual ritual of creating and maintaining Black Rock City, the home of Burning Man. ..."
New Republic
amazon: This Is Burning Man: The Rise of a New American Underground
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Burning Man

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