Friday, August 17

The Strange World Of... Jon Hassell

"Now in his seventh decade of making music, the electronic pioneer Jon Hassell joins us to look back on some of the albums he has made that have shaped the way he performs and thinks about music. Always a visionary, with an interest in the esoteric and the sensual as well as the technical and the cerebral, Hassell is maybe best known for developing the otherworldly musical style known as "Fourth World". The term summed up his very unique way of blending the minimalist techniques he’d studied with African percussion, world music and his own electronically manipulated trumpet playing. Since the 1960s he’s also worked on film scores, immersive meditative installations, Indian ragas and collaborations with the likes of Talking Heads, Björk, Moritz Von Oswald and Carl Craig. ..."
The Quietus (Audio)
world music magazine #5 - 1994
Discogs (Video)

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