Tuesday, August 14

The 52 Places Traveler: The Trickiness of Being a Woman in Tangier

"'Siéntase, siéntase' — sit down, sit down, she said, patting the seat next to her. I had already noticed her in the terminal of the 11 p.m. ferry we were taking from Tarifa on the southern tip of Spain to Tangier on Morocco’s northern coast. Among all the young, cosmopolitan Spanish tourists in their linen palazzo pants, she stood out. She was wearing a traditional black head scarf and a black embroidered tunic, and looked to be about 40 years older than the next-oldest person there, who might have been 40-year-old me. Her name was Mina, she said in Spanish. When I asked how to spell it, she gave me her passport, because she can’t read or write. The only words not in Arabic were her last name, M’rabet, and her birth year: 1939. ..."
NY Times
NY Times: 52 Places to Go in 2018 list

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