Saturday, August 11

Hedge Walking: The Land Art Of Andy Goldsworthy

"Sometimes when walking in nature something uncanny may reveal itself. A group of trees might momentarily form a straight line from a particular angle as you walk past, a shaft of light may find passage through a valley cut to hit a single pool of water, stones may emerge from the ground that appear to be some planned passage or pavement. We are creatures of pattern, and we look for such suggestions of structure and order in the apparent chaos and clutter of the natural world around us. But sometimes, just sometimes, that hint of order is actually man-made, because where you’re walking may have previously been visited by British land artist Andy Goldsworthy, subject of a new documentary by Thomas Riedelsheimer. ..."
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2007 November: Andy Goldsworthy: Roof, 2012 March: Rivers and Tides, 2012 June: Andy Goldsworthy 1987 Grizedale, 2017 September: Rivers and Tides: Working With Time - Fred Frith (2001)

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