Saturday, August 18

"Habibi Funk 003 Mix" by Jannis of Jakarta Records (Mix of Arabic 60s & 70s Vinyl)

“'Earlier this month, I was in North Africa for another digging trip and ended up finding quite some records I didn’t know before or I had no copy of, so I felt it was time for another mix,' says Jakarta Records’ Jannis Stürtz of his June 2015 excursion. He has previously laid down some Arabic heat for those of us who obsess about finding previously unheard tunes. Thus, Jannis drops Habibi Funk 003 Mix, with music from Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Lebanon. 'After every mix I make, I feel like, Uhh, getting enough records I like for the next one will be tough,' he continues. 'But every time, I end up getting proven wrong by the rich musical heritage of Arabic musicians that worked on combining local influences with Western musical traditions. Just like Dalton, the Tunisian band we just re-released on our new Habibi Funk label, who are also prominently featured on this mix.' ...”
Wax Poetics (Audio)
Soundcloud (Audio)

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