Sunday, August 19

3 Films by Roberto Rossellini Starring Ingrid Bergman

"In May of 1950, Italian filmmaker Roberto Rossellini married Swedish actress-turned-Hollywood-icon Ingrid Bergman. Earlier that year, the two had welcomed a son amid a flurry of tabloid gossip and moral accusations. The pair met less than a year prior, after Bergman had expressed interest in working with Rossellini, and though each were married at the time, a personal and professional relationship developed, resulting in perhaps the most fruitful collaboration in cinema history to that point. Despite the outside conditions (both director and star were constantly harassed by the media during these years), it stands to reason that it was this very environment that inspired such emotionally and aesthetically brave decisions on the part of Rossellini, who had already helped popularize his home country’s neorealist movement throughout the preceding decade. The films Rossellini and Bergman made in the early ’50s were something altogether different, and not only in comparison to the director’s prior output. ..."
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W - Stromboli, W - Europe '51, W - Journey to Italy
MUBI: Stromboli
YouTube: Journey to Italy, Rossellini about Bergman, Isabella Rossellini talks about her parents and about the film Stromboli

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