Tuesday, July 24

The Legend of Johnny Twist

"I don’t often take Cottage Grove Avenue on the way home, but traffic forced my hand one warmish Saturday afternoon, and I found myself stopped at a light along a stretch near 65th Street in Woodlawn when the sound of a Muddy Waters tune drifted through my half-open window from somewhere vaguely to my left. I turned my head and saw a vision: a kaleidoscope of red and black and green and gold on a small brick storefront. Inspecting the façade more closely, I realized it was a checkerboard of slogans ('Black Love Is Power,' 'Up with Divine Blackness,' 'Down with Self-Black Hate') and hand-painted pictures (a musical note, a peach-colored saxophone, and, apropos of nothing, a small table on which were perched a pair of peep-toe heels, a pair of polished black oxfords, and a single spectator shoe with a bow of Day-Glo green lace). ..."
South Side Weekly
YouTube: Elusive Chicago bluesman Johnny Twist, Why I Play The Blues, Go Go Baby, "Bo" Dud & Johnny Twist Sure Is Fun, Bo Dud & Johnny Twist - The Get It

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